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King of the Idiots

A Novel Written in Public

Work in Progress

This is a work in progress novel using git for version control and with an eye toward robust community contributions. This is the second draft of a completed manuscript of the same name. Email me at the address below if you’re interested in reading the first version of King of the Idiots.

How You Can Contribute

If you find grammatical or typographical errors, please feel free to submit a pull request to correct them. Editorial changes or even full-on story contributions are very welcome, with the caveats that

  1. I may not integrate your contribution
  2. I may take part of your contribution but not all of it
  3. I own your contribution (at least for now – see below)


For now, this is under normal copyright protections. I’m hoping to expand to a more permissive Creative Commons license in the future, but until then I will sue your ass.


Feel free to reach me at danblondell@gmail.com